Never Ending Bullshit


Dream a pipe-dream and what you see will be.

Think big when it comes to downtown Buffalo and it’s harbors! Tear down that Skyway! Build a Super-Stadium/Convention Center! Hell, bring in a casino! Paint some lawn chairs and build a snack-shack! Think outside of the box!

But even if the Skyway stays, some have better suggestions to help ferry visitors from the city to it’s inner and outer harbors. Let’s build “Urban Cable Cars!”  Well, I say “phooey!”

But if you really want to “dream a dream” then I humbly suggest Falkor the Luck Dragon.

I mean, Falkor and Buffalo would be a perfect fit. Consider:

Falkor is a luck dragon, a marvelous, feather/fur creature that saves Atreyu in the Fantasia land known as The Swamps of Sadness. (Outer Harbor, anyone?) Best known for his positive outlook, Falkor helps Atreyu with not only extra-fast flight (way better than pedestrian bridges, cable cars, airships, dirigibles, blimps and zip lines), but with encouragement and hope. Falkor was one of the few survivors of The Nothing (Buffalo population decline, empty homes and empty large scale office towers) that almost consumed Fantasia, and was the subject of Bastian’s very first wish to bring Fantasia back.

And with such lofty, unfeasible and financially unsound ideas that are being proposed, we’ll need all the luck dragons we can get…

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  1. Leo says:

    I still say that the municipality should do what Bass Pro was threatening to… organize big fishing tournaments to attract tourists. The fishermen do all the work, all we have to do is publish that there will be a big purse and weigh a few fish. The purse will generate interest and coverage in the sporting magazines, the fishermen and their families will show up in droves and spend spend spend.

    Bass. Walleyed Pike. Norhtern Pike. Sturgeon. Muskellunge. Ice fishing. Even perch.

    We have the natural resources to have a tournament every month, for at least 10 months of the year.

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